Orrville Interlocking Tower

At the crossing of the CA&C and PFtW&C 

Orrville Tower in the 1940's

Orrville Interlocking in the 1940's

Orrville Interlocking Tower

The Orrville Interlocking Tower controlled train movements along the city's two Pennsylvania Railroad mainlines, the Cleveland, Akron & Columbus and the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago, and the busy train yard. The Pennsy had hundreds of towers like the one preserved in Orrville along its mainlines to control the movement of trains. Now they are all but gone, replaced by the two-way radios, cell phones and the internet

Orrville Tower today

Orrville Tower as it looks today.

Built in February, 1899, Orrville's tower is one of very few to be preserved. After the Pennsylvania Railroad became part of Penn Central and later Conrail, the lines through Orrville were downgraded and many of their trains moved to other routes. The railroad was removing all the towers and ORHS stepped in and saved the Orrville tower. It was moved across the tracks to the ORHS property next to the Union Station.

The tower has not yet been restored and is used primarily for storage. Tours are available upon request. If you would like to make a donation specifically for the maintenance or restoration of the tower, please contact us.


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