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RPCX 101 - William B. Baer

Car Number 101

This coach was built by the Budd Company in early 1947 as the seventh in lot number ZA147 for the Pennsylvania Railroad and numbered 4064. The car was originally designed as a class P85E 52-seat capacity coach for the Seaboard Air Line Silver Meteor pool.

When the Pennsylvania and New York Central railroads merged in 1968, the car retained its original number.

Amtrak took control of the car in 1971 renumbering it to 5286 and then later changing it to 6073 when it was rebuilt to a 60 seat capacity coach.

The coach became surplus to Amtrak in 1984 and the Orrville Heritage Committee purchased the coach that same year. With mechanical repairs, some interior touch-up and renumbered as 101, the car entered excursion service in 1985 beginning with the Orrville to Pittsburgh trips.

The 101 has seen several modifications since those first trips with ORHS, the most significant being the addition of a diesel powered generator and air conditioning.

The 101 was named for William B. Baer, the late president of the Will-Burt Company, for his dedication to ORHS in their early years.

The original Budd plan Sheet. Click to view the original Budd plan Sheet.

The 101 as PC 4064. Click to view the 101 as PC 4064.

Amtrak Equipment Plan. Click to view the Amtrak Equipment Plan.

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RPCX 102 - H. H. Wade

Car Number 102

The 102 was built in 1947 by the Budd Company for the New York Central as number 2905 under lot number ZA108. The 2905 retained its number after the creation of Penn Central.

The car was transferred to Amtrak upon its formation in 1971 and was renumbered to 5675. It became available from Amtrak after it was deemed as surplus.

The interior of the car was completely refurbished, retaining only the red carpeting on the ceiling that was installed by Amtrak. The lounge on one end was converted into a satellite food service area. New carpeting, upholstery and windows brought this coach to readiness for its first service with ORHS on the excursions to Pittsburgh in 1986.

The car was named for the late Howard H. Wade who served for 50 years as an engineer on the Cleveland, Akron & Columbus Railroad. Mr. Wade was the grandfather of ORHS Chairman Howard E. Wade. The naming of the car is to honor the many contributions that the Wade family has made to ORHS.

Amtrak 5675. Click to view the 102 as Amtrak 5675.

Amtrak Equipment Plan. Click to view the Amtrak Equipment Plan.

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RPCX 105 - the Concession Car

Car Number 105

The 105 was built in 1953 by the St. Louis Car Company as a United States Army (USAX) troop kitchen car numbered 89663.

It was acquired by Amtrak after 1971, renumbered 1370, converted to a single side door baggage car. It was one of 30  "Shorty" baggage cars in Amtrak number series 1350-1379.

ORHS acquired the car in the early 1990's. ORHS installed a generator and outfitted the car as a concession car. It has operated in our excursion trains since 1993.

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RPCX 3850 - C&B Marshall

Car Number3850

The 3850 was built by Pullman Standard in 1948, one of 25 Plan W6788 cars in Lot Number W46611, for the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad as the 36 seat Parlor Car "Westerly" numbered 315. The number was changed to 7206 by the New Haven in 1964 when it was rebuilt into a 72 seat coach.

With the formation of Penn Central in 1968, the coach was renumbered to 3196.

The car was then acquired by Amtrak and renumbered to 7256. It was rebuilt by Amtrak in 1973 and converted into a 56-seat coach-parlor and was again renumbered 3850. Amtrak fitted the car with a Boeing 727 style interior, an ill-fated design which resulted in making the car impossible to keep cool.

By the late 1980’s, the now derelict 3850 was discovered in the Barberton yard, wide open and full of water with the siding falling off. It was purchased by Larry Marshall in 1988 and shipped to the ORHS siding where it would be renovated to its original use as a parlor car. All new large windows were installed first. A modern electrical system and a generator was installed which included electrical heating. Two restrooms were installed with Microphor toilets and stainless steel sinks. The luggage rack area was converted into a mini-kitchen. The open area became a private room. Individual seats and tables were installed for 28 first class passengers.

Renovations were complete by 1995 and the car entered service as a First Class parlor with the ORHS. The 3850 has been renamed the C&B Marshall in honor of a grandfather and great uncle that together served eighty-three years with Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. Capital Domes were attached on each side at both ends to represent the family railroading heritage.

The 3850 has been featured extensively by ORHS as a First Class parlor car on our excursions. ORHS has purchased the 3850 so she remains in our fleet. Click here for more information.

New Haven 313Click to view New Haven 313 "Pawtucket" in 1964 - sister to the 315 "Westerly".

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8008 - The Diner

8008 exterior

The 8008 was built by the Budd Company in 1939 for the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, part of lot 96809. This car was used in ACL's Champion service as a 48 seat diner and was originally named "Baltimore" with no number. It was assigned number 5908 upon the merger with the Seaboard Air Line Railroad to form Seaboard Coast Line. The car was transferred to Amtrak in 1971 and renumbered 8008.

ORHS acquired the car from Rails Diversified, Inc. in 1986.

The 8008 is currently not in service and is awaiting restoration.

Amtrak Equipment Plan Sheet for 8008. Click to view the Amtrak Equipment Plan.

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Motor Car

M-2180 Millie

Car Number 105

The M-2180 was built in August, 1971 by Fairmont Railway Motors, Inc. for the US Army for use at the Ravenna Arsenal. The "A-Car", as it is known to ORHS members, is a model A4-D-1-7 motor car.

It was one of a group of motor cars acquired from the contractor decommissioning the base in the early '80s.

After restoration by several members, ORHS acquired the car in 2008 and it has been an integral feature at our trackside events ever since.

The M-2180 also pulls a trailer for hauling track tools, supplies and other equipment necessary to maintain our track.

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Other Cars

ORHS also owns several other non-revenue freight cars used for maintenance and storage.

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